Machinery Fair
Within the International Machinery Fair, jointly with the "Russian Industry Week "

HEAT&ELECTRO | MACHINERY is an industrial exhibition that will present to visitors a wide range of equipment for industrial enterprises of various industries and their uninterrupted heat and power supply.

An intense business programme of the events will allow specialists to discuss the pressing tasks and problems of the industry.

The combination of thematic reports with the opportunity to get acquainted with a large number of equipment live will allow you to get the maximum benefits efficiency necessary to solve professional problems.


  • Heat & Electro
    Industrial heat&electro and auxiliary equipment for municipal boiler stations, CHP units, Thermal Power Plants and independent heating modules and power park
  • Industrial Engines

    The field of application of engines is power plants, marine engines, construction equipment, special equipment, oil field equipment, electro and mechanical industry.

    Industrial Engines exposition covers all the main areas of use of industrial engines in industry: energy, oil and gas, municipal, mining, mechanical industry.

  • Industrial Automation Systems
    The introduction of industrial automation systems in enterprises plays a huge role. The main role of the implementation of automation systems is to increase the level of efficiency, mobility and facilitate the work of specialists.
  • Industrial Machinery
    Industrial Machinery is exposition of equipment for specialists of generating companies, utilities and industrial enterprises of various industries (oil and gas, building, mining, agricultural complex, electricity; hydropower, nuclear industry and more); specialists of design, engineering, construction and installation companies; dealers, distributors.
    Industrial Machinery will be held simultaneously with Heat&Electro and special exposition of China Machinery which will significantly increase the total number of target visitors.
  • Measuring & Testing Systems
    • Flow and pressure regulators
    • Flow meters, level indicators
    • Devices for searching for gas leaks at power facilities / gas analyzers
    • Locators / leak detectors / leak detection systems / insulation monitoring
    • Devices for measuring and recording fuel consumption for thermal power engineering
    • Water, heat, gas meters
  • Electrical equipment
    • Wiring products and tools
    • Cable support systems and accessories
    • Electrical receivers
    • Lightning protection systems for boiler stations
    • Switchboard equipment
    • Control and signaling systems
    • Electrical engines control systems
    • Energy audit of energy facilities
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics
    The hydraulic and pneumatic equipment is used in many industries: energy, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, warehousing and other industries.
    Pneumatic equipment is widely used in various pipeline distribution networks in order to redirect the flow of liquids and gases; the use of disconnecting and closing circuit breakers with compressed air at substations.
    Hydraulic equipment is widely used in pumping stations, trenchless pipe laying, at CHP plants, Thermal and Hydro Power Stations.
    The exposition presents equipment for key industries such as oil-and-gas, chemistry, energy, utilities, building, mining, food, agricultural and more.

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