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Industrial Automation Systems

About exposition

The introduction of industrial automation systems in enterprises plays a huge role. The main role of the implementation of automation systems is to increase the level of efficiency, mobility and facilitate the work of specialists.

Industrial Automation Systems will present an exposition of industrial automation systems for the most important key sectors of the economy: heat power engineering, electric power engineering, oil and gas, utilities.

  • Integrated automation systems for central heating points, city boiler houses
  • Automation systems for commercial metering of energy resources
  • Control systems for CHP plants based on boiler units
  • Automated control system of Thermal and Hydro Power Stations: gas-steam turbine plants, waste-heat boilers, chemical water treatment
  • Automation systems for diesel and gas piston generator sets
  • Automated system of commercial metering of energy resources
  • Automated technical accounting systems at the enterprise
  • Pump control automation systems
  • Automated, remote control of pipeline valves
  • Automation of compressors and compressor units