24-26.10. 2023 |Moscow, IEC «Expocenter», pav. 8

Conference "Utilization of RES for power supply of industrial enterprises. Projects and Technologies"

Organizer: COK

Moscow, IEC «Expocenter», Pavilion 8, hall 2

The conference will cover the following topics:

1. Solar energy:
- Application of solar panels at industrial enterprises. Nuances of installation and use of solar modules for power generation and its utilization.
- Application of solar thermal collectors for water heating to provide technological processes at industrial facilities.
- The use of solar energy to power autonomous lighting systems and energy-intensive systems at the enterprise.
- Examples of realized projects.

2. Biofuel:
- Advantages of using biofuels at industrial enterprises: ecological purity, sustainability of raw material base, reduction of dependence on traditional hydrocarbon fuel.
- Possibilities of local production of biofuels.
- Examples of successful use of biofuels at industrial enterprises of various industries.

3. Heat pumps:
- Possibilities of using heat pumps to provide heating or cooling at industrial facilities.
- Cost-effectiveness of using heat pumps in comparison with traditional heating and cooling systems.
- Examples of realization of projects on use of heat pumps at industrial enterprises.

4. Storages:
- Role and advantages of using energy storage devices in industrial facilities.
- Different types of energy storage devices and their application in industry depending on the task at hand.
- Practical examples of using energy storage to smooth peak energy consumption and improve energy efficiency in industrial plants.

The conference will be attended by representatives of manufacturers of energy generating equipment and consumer companies.

The program is in the process of formation. Follow the updates.  

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