Machinery Fair

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

About exposition

The hydraulic and pneumatic equipment is used in many industries: energy, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, warehousing and other industries.
Pneumatic equipment is widely used in various pipeline distribution networks in order to redirect the flow of liquids and gases; the use of disconnecting and closing circuit breakers with compressed air at substations.
Hydraulic equipment is widely used in pumping stations, trenchless pipe laying, at CHP plants, Thermal and Hydro Power Stations.
The exposition presents equipment for key industries such as oil-and-gas, chemistry, energy, utilities, building, mining, food, agricultural and more.
Industrial pneumatic and hydraulic equipment for industries:
  • Energy
  • Oil-and-gas
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Metallurgy
  • Mechanical industry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
Pneumatic equipment and tools:
•Compressed air preparation plants.
•Pneumatic tubes and pneumatic hoses. Pneumatic fittings and fittings.
•Pneumatic valves.
•Air preparation. Pressure and vacuum gauges for accurate measurement of air or gas pressure
• Pneumatic cylinders. Pneumatic drives. Pneumatic quick couplings
• Receivers. Pneumatic grippers
Hydraulic equipment:

• Hydraulic stations and hydraulic systems.
• Hydraulic cylinders.
• Servo drives for controlling steam flow or pressure in thermal power plants.
• Hydraulic equipment for control of water turbines