29 - 31.10. 2024 |Moscow, IEC «Expocenter», Pavilion №1

Heat&Electro | Machinery 2023 fair was held with record figures.

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From October 24 to 26, 2023, the Expocentre Fairground in Pavilion No. 8 hosted the Heat&Electro | Machinery fair – an exhibition of equipment for heat supply and power generation of industrial enterprises and housing and communal services: from design to construction and modernization.

Facts and figures Heat&Electro | Machinery 2023:

·         Increase in the number of target visitors by 23% compared to last year, the exhibition was visited by 5,997 specialists from various industries;

·         Increase in the scale of the exhibition, an increase in the exposition by 2.5 times compared to last year;

·         Official support of 12 sectoral state structures and specialized associations;

·         Business program in all relevant areas of the industry;

·         Participation of major brand companies in the industry - manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and services.

The market leaders - 111 companies from Russia, the Republic of Belarus, Iran, Turkey and China presented their products and services.

Design, construction, modernization of boiler houses, heating points and power centers, burner and electrical equipment: Baris Teknolojik, Ebico, Ecostar, Packman, Amaks, Aerogeophysics, Belkotlomash, Boiler Energetika, Dorogobuzhkotlomash, OMK Energomash, OMK Trubodetal, KB Technab, Korax, MARK, MPNU "Energotekhmontazh", Nizhny Novgorod plant of heat exchange equipment, Profilegib Detail, Industrial Group "Hermes", Electrical appliance, Power start, Power engineering, R-Techno, Safonovsky plant "Teplokontrol", Heat exchange, Technobior, Fiztech, UGK-Energetika, ESD-Bi Boiler Plant, Jinzihao (fujian) Combustion Equipment, Shanghai Adj Thermal Engineering and Heating Component, Shanghai Renaissance Industrial.

Gas piston and diesel power plants: ROLT, Power Systems, GenMaster, Alliance ECO, Boiler Power Engineering, Yoshkar-Ola Foundry "Element, GC TECH, Tech-Crate, Hatrako, EKOENERGOTECH, ENERGOPUSK.

Pumps, compressors, fittings, hydraulics: TD LD, Association of compressor plants, Bezhetsky compressor Plant "ASO", Orelcompressormash, Ural Compressor Plant, Krasnodar Compressor Plant, Compressor-Technical Center, Thermobrest, Kentek, Uraltechfilter, Enerpred, Amaks.

A detailed list of participants in 2023 is available at the link.

The business program 2023 consists of 3 days of specialized conferences prepared taking into account all the relevant aspects of the industry and the products presented. In 2023, the following conferences were held: Heat Club magazine, National Association of Water Supply, Association of Innovative Enterprises in the Energy Sector "Energoinnovation", СОК magazine, Association of Compressor Plants, the Association "Mosoblteploenergo", Russian-Chinese Chamber for the Promotion of Trade in Machine-technical and Innovative Products, as well as a Plenary session, organized by Gefera Media LLC. For the first time, the exhibition hosted: the conference of the Association "Greenhouses of Russia" - "Modernization and maintenance of boiler houses and autonomous power centers of greenhouse enterprises" and the Energy Conference "Enthalpy: expert solutions in energy", organized by OMK Energomash. A detailed schedule of events is available on the official website in the business program section.

Much attention of the organizers was devoted to the targeted advertising campaign, thanks to which 5,997 specialists visited the exhibition. The visitor's profile includes power engineers and technical specialists of generating and heat supply companies, industrial enterprises of various industries, housing and communal services, industrial parks, design and construction organizations, fuel and energy complex and companies of the oil and gas industry, agro–industrial complex, food industry, metallurgy and mechanical engineering.

Official support

·         The exhibition was held with the support and participation of:

·         Of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation;

·         Energy Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation;

·         The Government of the City of Moscow (GKU "Energetika");

·         Ministry of Energy of the Moscow Region;

·         Small Energy Associations;

·         Association of Energy service Enterprises of power engineering "Energoinnovation";

·         Association "Mosoblteploenergo" (40 thermal power companies);

·         Associations of Compressor Plants;

·         Association "Greenhouses of Russia"

·         National Association of Water Supply and Sanitation;

·         Russian-Chinese Chamber;

·         Club of heat power engineers’ "Phlogiston" / JSC MPNU "Energotekhmontazh".

Information partners

·         General Information Partner – СОК magazine;

·         General Internet partner – NP "Russian heat supply";

·         Official information partner – Heat Club magazine;

·         Special information partner – Energy and Industry of Russia magazine;

·         Strategic Information Partner – AVOK Energy Saving magazine;

·         Industry Media partner – portal Elec.ru ;

·         Industry information partner – Electrical Engineering Market magazine.

We thank all participants and visitors and look forward to seeing you at the Heat&Electro | Machinery 2024 exhibition, which will be held from October 29 – 31, 2024 at Expocentre Fairgrounds (Moscow), Pavilion No. 1.