24-26.10. 2023 |Moscow, IEC «Expocenter», pav. 8

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Alliance ECO company, Russian manufacturer Alliance ECO company of control systems for gas piston engines and units based on them, gas engine compressors - a new exhibitor at the Heat&Electro | Machinery 2023!

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The KENTEK company is a supplier of filters and components for compressors, a new exhibitor at Heat&Electro | Machinery 2023!

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Russian manufacturer of hydraulic equipment Enerpred is a new exhibitor at Heat&Electro Machinery 2023!


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Video of Heat&Electro | Machinery 2022

Photos of Heat&Electro | Machinery 2022

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Magazine C.O.K. (Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning) — is a monthly magazine for experts and professional engineers, whom specialize in the HVAC industry.

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RosTeplo -The heat supply information system is a thematic resource of the Internet. By covering only the issues of heat supply, we were able to give the specialists of our industry an answer to any question put to them.
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HeatClub magazine for professionals in the field of: plumbing engineering, water supply, heating, air conditioning, automation of engineering systems.

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Energy and Industry of Russia is the leading newspaper of the country's energy industry. News and information about the state and prospects of domestic and global energy, as well as the oil and gas, chemical and coal industries, machinery and instrumentation, metallurgy - in relation to the electric power industry; informational and analytical articles, exclusive interviews, description of new technologies.

"ABOK" is a professional magazine for two key audiences: consumers and manufacturers of energy–saving equipment and technologies.
«Elec.ru» company is a special purpose expert in the field of display and contextual advertising and reputational management for representatives of electrotechnical industry.
Over a period of 20 years «Elec.ru» information agency provides professional advertising campaigns, current news and a chronicle of events in the industry, based on creating high-quality textual content, video- and photo-content and respect to partners’ interests.
«Elec.ru» company consolidates two media platforms: internet-portal Elec.ru and printed press «Electrotechnical market». Besides basic media Elec.ru makes active use of social networking sites, search engines, e-mail marketing and digital tools.
The journal "Market of Electrical Engineering" is a quarterly information and reference publication covering all the most important topics related to the electrical industry, as well as providing up-to-date reference information about companies operating in the electrical market.


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Heat&Electro | Machinery 2023

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