News of the International Machinery Fair

Belenergomash-BZEM, the leading power engineering enterprise, is a new participant in Machinery | Electro&Heat Generation 2022!

Belenergomash - BZEM is a plant with 80 years of history, known not only in our country, but also abroad. Advanced technologies,
high-quality products are the business cards of the enterprise.
On the vast area of the stand, visitors will be presented with a wide range of products for energy and construction: elements and blocks of pipelines
for thermal power plants and nuclear power plants, petrochemical complex and metallurgy; forgings, stampings, pipes; multilayer bellows expansion
joints of all types with nominal bore from 80 to 1800 mm for thermal power plants and nuclear power plants, industry, transport, utilities;
steam and hot water boilers of various types, including power-technological boilers for operation as part of technological lines of metallurgical,
chemical and oil refineries, gas turbine power plants; boilers for the disposal of solid domestic waste and sewage sludge, bark and agricultural waste;
unique, complex, spatial metal structures from a round pipe; elements of the supporting metal frame of the building - columns, trusses, beams, fachwerk, ties, girders; power line supports.

We invite specialists to attend our booth B120 at Machinery/Electro&Heat Generation 2022!