News of the International Machinery Fair

Heat exchanges of TEPLOOBMEN at Machinery/Electro&Heat Generation 2022!

Teplo’obmen was established in Sevastopol in January 1993 by engineers who had wide experience of creating heat exchangers for the needs of the Navy. This experience combined with new ideas made it possible for us to create heat exchangers for general purposes with superior consumer properties as well as outstanding weight and size characteristics. During the last 28 years our specialists continued research and development activities to improve the characteristics of our heat exchangers.
During these years we have also developed and proposed a number of new solutions in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Among them is our heat recuperator of ventilation air which is compact, high-efficient and has almost an unlimited service life. Our innovative solutions allow for significant reduction of size, weight and cost of heating units.
The main activities of our company are focused on innovative developments in the field of energy saving technologies.

We invite specialists to attend our stand C125 at Machinery/Electro&Heat Generation 2022!