News of the International Machinery Fair

A new exhibitor of International Machinery Fair 2022 – Krasnodar Compressor Plant!

Krasnodarsky Kompressorny Zavod – KKZ (Krasnodar Compressor Plant) is the leading Russian manufacturer of compressor equipment, gas-dividing and gas-filling equipment.
KKZ (Krasnodar Compressor Plant) produces:
- Industrial air and gas compressors;
- Booster and special purpose compressors with and without lubrication of cylinders and glands;
- Nitrogen and air compressor stations;
- Automobile Gas Filling Compressor Stations (AGNKS) and Mobile Automobile Gas Tankers (PAGZ).

KKZ (Krasnodar Compressor Plant develops and manufactures compressor equipment for various types of gases:
- General industrial gases;
- Inert gases;
- Aggressive gases;
- Toxic gases;
- Explosive gases;
- Complex gas mixtures.

The company produces serial compressor equipment and develops special equipment with the required technical characteristics according to the customer's technical order. Own design bureau allows KKZ to introduce innovative patented developments into production in shortest